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Health,Safety & Environment Policy

TUTIS recognizes its global responsibility to our employees, clients, associates, as well as our community and the overall environment. We have set standards for ourselves to address these important issues. We constantly strive to enhance the service quality of our work to achieve our goal of zero accidents, with no lost time or reportable injuries, no environmental incidents, or property damage, and the smallest environmental footprint feasible. This policy is endorsed by all stake holders and validated by the concerned top management .We ensure it is communicated and adhered till the grass root level, also visibly displayed at designated prominent places within our office and facilities.

We as TUTIS are committed to:

Health and Safety:

  • Adherence to this policy
  • Establishment of H&S procedures specific to our company's scope of work and locations
  • Practice safety at all times
  • Compliance with local regulation and industry specific standards
  • Active management participations and visible monitoring of code of conduct


  • Operate our offices with energy efficiency
  • Provide a opportunity to practice waste segregation at source
  • Actively promote and monitor recycling
  • Insist on well maintained and environmental friendly work area


  • Being a good and responsible neighbor
  • Being involved in our community. Initiate welfare and charity campaigns occasionally

Responsibility Transparency:

The responsibility for leading the way in the implementation of this policy on the company level rests with the CEO, corporate senior managers and line managers Every manager has responsibility for his staff and all employees have responsibility for themselves, and their team members. Our performance is routinely monitored and reviewed and the feelings are presented to all so we maintain accountability and transparency so as to promote continues HSE improvement and maintain a visible and sustainable HSE culture within our organizations. TUTIS policy is an integral part of TUTIS HSEMS

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