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Equal Opportunities Policy

TUTIS is a leading company based in Govt of India. Our business services involve wide range of HSE & Technical training programs as well as we provide HSE consultancy on various oil & gas, petrochemical & construction industry activities to our customers and clients.


  • TUTIS is committed to an ongoing policy of providing equal opportunities with no discrimination in employment against the gender, ethnic background, race, color, creed or belief, minority group or persons of any political persuasion
  • Management will actively encourage the harmonization of all personnel and make available equal opportunities to all employees for work training and achievement in all areas of the company's activities and operations
  • Management will advertise new vacancies through the broadcast possible media and will invite. Interview and appoint such applicants on the basis of their experience, qualification and/or suitability for the vacancy available
  • Management will receive and review any complaints from personnel where there is cause for concern over the practice of racial discrimination (either verbally or by deed) and will initiate a plan of correction to include disciplinary action against the person(s) concerned with the cause of the compliant
  • The policy of the company is applicable to all employees and is an integral condition of all Contracts of Employment
  • The policy of the company is equally applicable to self-employed persons and subcontract parties having a direct contractual working relationship with the company
  • The policy will be briefed, made available and will be effectively communicated to all concerned personnel and the compliance will be reviewed and assessed on regular basis
  • Any non-compliance observed to the policy may result in serious disciplinary action in accordance to the statement of policy

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