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Covid 19 Assurance and Assessment Services

NEW COVID-19: Assurance Assessment Service

We are now offering an assurance assessment service that focuses on five elements of business recovery and will help support the stabilisation and future growth of organisations around the world.

We are offering professional support, guidance and independent assurance to enable organisations to develop and implement suitable protocols and arrangements within the workplace.

Our technical support can provide you with the independent assurance that your COVID-19 workplace safety, health and environmental arrangements are in accordance with current guidance and best practice as a minimum standard.

We can also support you as the guidelines, requirements and stakeholder expectations change to ensure your workplace remains as safe and healthy as is reasonably practicable.

The following five factors provide the framework for the consultancy services:

- Organisational context and stakeholder profile (risk management)
- Operational processes (risk assessment, safe operating procedures, etc)
- Health and wellbeing
- Stakeholder engagement
- Facilities and workplace health and safety (workplace adjustments, etc).

Our technical support includes:

- Risk assessment reviews
- Support for workplace procedure development and reviews (including social distancing, health surveillance, workplace control measures, emergency planning, PPE, etc)
- Health and wellbeing guidance (including mental health factors)
- Communication and information
- Leadership and behavioural factors
- Assurance auditing.

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