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The CSP-Certified Safety Professional Exam is the second-level examination required in the two test process. This five and one-half hour computer delivered examination consists of 200 questions that examine the candidate's applied knowledge and the application of experience gained through professional practice. Both the ASP and the CSP are administered by the BCSP.

The criteria for designation as a Certified Safety Professional is extremely high. Applicants must have a college degree and four years of professional safety experience. However, the failure rate on the ASP (Safety Fundamentals) Exam has historically been about 50%!

We believe the reason for the high failure rate is because examinees have failed to understand the scope and complexity of the test and have relied on incomplete and misleading study material, plus they generally use a shotgun approach in preparing for the exam.

This course is designed to prepare individuals for the Comprehensive Examination leading to certification as a CSP. The workshop covers the four areas of the exam: engineering, management, information management and communications and professional conduct and ethics. Your preparation will include lectures, sample problems, and discussions on a variety of subjects to prepare the student for the exam. At the completion of the CSP prep workshop participants will learn to:

  •  Concepts of probability, statistics and calculus
  •  Engineering: safety and environmental, occupational health, fire protection
  •  Applied management: principles, ergonomic analysis, risk management, Workers' Compensation
  •  Legal/regulatory and professional affairs
  •  Probability
  •  Statistics
  •  Engineering economy
  •  SH&E engineering
  •  SH&E management
  •  SH&E information management
  •  Professional conduct and ethics
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