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Hydrogen Sulphide / SCBA
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This course is designed to familiarize students with the dangers associated with work done in an H2S environment. The course is appropriate for entry level as well as supervisory level employees. Consensus standards recommend H2S familiarization training to all personnel working in environments where there is a potential to encounter hydrogen sulfide levels in excess of the allowable Threshold Limit Value (TLV). The course has been developed in accordance with ANSI Z390.1 , API, RP55, API RP49, and other standards. By these standards annual refresher training is required. All personnel affected by these standards should be trained prior to working in the environment in which the condition exists. Companies are responsible for training their personnel using a qualified H2S instructor. Refresher training is required annually and all training records should be maintained for a minimum of one year. Many People have died because of a lack of knowledge about Hydrogen Sulfide. H2S awareness training is done, in an effort to make you aware of the hazards associated with H2S, in an attempt to reduce if not eliminate needless injuries or fatalities. These hazards can be controlled with proper training.

Course Topics are:

  • What is Hydrogen Sulfide?
  • How is Hydrogen Sulfide formed?
  • Locations
  • Properties and Characteristics
  • Exposure Limits
  • Work Procedures
  • Exposure Limits
  • Work Procedures
  • Detection Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Response
  • Well site Safety
  • Summary


1 day (Theory & Practical)

Value added

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  • Examination Entry Fees
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Certificate (on successful completion)

Inhouse Training

This course can also be run in house for up to 15 persons per course by arrangement

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