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Destructive Test

Destructive Test

Destructive Testing (DT) includes methods where the material is broken down in order to determine mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness and hardness. In practice it means, for example, finding out if the quality of a weld is good enough to withstand extreme pressure or to verify the properties of a material.These properties can’t be examined with non-destructive methods, as specimens of the material must be extracted. Destructive testing is generally most suitable and economic for mass produced objects, as the cost of destroying a small number of pieces is negligible. The samples are put under different loads and stress. That way we can analyze in which point your material eventually gives up and cracks. The results gained are then compared to regulations and/or quality guidelines.

Destructive tests are best when used together with our non-destructive methods: this combination gives the best information on materials and welds. Non-destructive tests show if cracks, corrosion or other faults exist. Destructive tests in turn indicate how and when the objects are in danger of breaking down or failing.

We can offer you complete Destructive testing services;

  •        Mechanical testing (tensile, bend and impact tests),
  •        Fracture test
  •        Nick Break test
  •        Tensile test
  •        Impact test
  •        Hardness testing,
  •        Macro and Micro testing
  •        Material analysis
  •        Metallographic examinations

We are also able to execute your required tests at our own workshops. This way we can ensure you get the best service and the most suitable testing methods.                 

Benefits of Destructive Testing (DT)

  •        Verifies properties of a material
  •        Determines quality of welds
  •        Helps you to reduce failures, accidents and costs
  •        Ensures compliance with regulations
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